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Precast concrete elements for housebuilders and other projects

Long lasting and durable houses are built from precast concrete elements. With the help of the precast elements, house framing can be done quickly and reliably according to the plans. External-wall precast elements are large in size, so there is only little need for seams. Electrical conduits and boxes are installed in the elements already at the factory, speeding up the completion of the house at the stage of installation on the construction site.

Precast concrete elements for every house

Precast concrete is an excellent choice for framing material due to its stength, thermal-insulation qualities and fire resistance. In addition, precast-concrete elements adapt to a wide range of applications.  Years of experience in the field gives ASV Oy an excellent opportunity to provide customers with reliable and appropriate construction products, enabling the builder to reach his/her goal with certainty — and a cozy home.

Farm buildings are quick and cost-efficient to build from precast concrete elements

Farm operators need suitable buildings to maintain their production. Precast-concrete construction is an excellent choice, as the elements are durable, long-lasting and tolerate well the special requirements imposed by agriculture. The ASV corporation provides customers with not only agricultural precast-concrete elements but also with reliable and tight sludge tanks.

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