Quick and cost-efficient method of construction 

Hollow-core slabs are quick and cost-efficient materials for building floors and ceilings. The slabs themselves have a span of up to 22 meters, which in turn, enables the ability to construct lighter foundations for buildings. As a result, using these slabs can save significant amounts of time and money. 

Precast concrete slabs save time, labor and money

The quick and easy installation of hollow-core slabs can increase savings, as much of the formwork, reinforcement, casting and demolition work is not needed.  The installation speed is also expedited by the ease of drilling openings on the site.

Guaranteed quality – ASV hollow core slabs are CE-certified

The use of a CE certification on construction products requires thourough testing by certified institutions. The production process of ASV Oy has been certified to CE standard by the Kiwa Inspecta Group. This certification ensures that the products are manufactured according to the EC quality requirements and that their quality is consistent with their standards. With the CE-certification, rest assured that the construction materials are of the highest quality – an internally known fact now proven by an outside institution.

Tailored hollow core slabs directly from our plant

The span of our concrete slabs can be tailored to specific needs. As the span grows, the thickness of the slab must also be increased. ASV Oy manufactures 200, 265, 320, 370, 400 and 500 mm thick slabs tailored for their required dimensions. The holes and openings, as well as the forming of the slabs are manufactured in our factory. In addition, we can also add in insulation if needed. 

Open the hollow core slab installation guide (PDF)

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