ASV ConcretePLUS is more than just concrete

ConcretePLUS from ASV is a complete service package that includes casting, materials and finishing, all from the same supplier. The dependable ConcretePLUS means cost savings, higher-quality materials, more accurate schedules and a smoother workflow.

Save time, effort and money

When you receive materials and staff from the same supplier, schedules will be met and you will end up saving time and effort. In addition, because you do not need to purchase concrete for the site separately, you will only pay for what you actually use. And, having just one contact for the whole project will cut the idle time and coordination of timetables. That is why ASV ConcretePLUS is the smart choice.

ASV ConcretePLUS covers all services from casting to finishing

The ConcretePLUS service package includes the materials as well as precast vaults, foundation slabs and finishing. Choose your own package and ask for a quote from ASV Oy today.

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