ASV Oy, certified quality

Today, a Pan-European CE marking is required for many construction products. ASV Oy products are already certified by Kiwa Inspecta, so you can safely trust them — just as you have done thus far.

The following ASV concrete products require a certification. You will recognize them from the CE marking.

  • Precast concrete
  • Hollow-core slabs
  • Pillars and beams
  • Casting slabs for casting concrete on site
  • Foundations
  • Walls
  • Bridges
  • Retaining Walls

The products not included in the CE certification system are certified according to the national FI product certification system.

The certificates are saved in PDF-format. You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print them. In case you do not have it yet, the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.

High-quality CE-certified ASV products

ASV concrete products carry the CE certification, which guarantees their compliance with requirements. Download the certificate here or click on the image.

The Declaration of Performance (DoP) indicates the homogeneity of operations

The manufacturer's Declaration of Performance (DoP) is part of the CE marking procedure. For precast concrete, the DoP is usually produced at company level and by product type. DoPs are available on the websites of companies. ASV Oy's Declaration of Performance (DoP) for various precast-concrete elements can be found here.

The unique identifier, project number and the DoP number for precast-concrete elements can be found in conjunction with the CE marking. The CE label also indicates the company's home page where the DoP can be found. In this way, the CE mark, the DoP and the project-specific manufacturing documentation of the product are tied together. Download the Declaration of Performance (DoP) here or by clicking on the image.

FI-Certified elements and ready-to-use concrete 

The ready-to-use concrete and precast-concrete elements of ASV have FI certification and verification certificates, which ensure their compliance with requirements. Download documents here (FI certification) here (verification certificate for precast concrete) and here (verification certificate for ready-to-use concrete) or by clicking on pictures.


Internal quality control compliant with requirements

The internal quality control of ASV concrete products has also been found to be compliant with requirements. Download the certificate here or by clicking on the picture.