The sole provider of Bellacrete effect-façades in Finland

Maema Bellacrete is a machine for sanding effect and facade elements. ASV Oy is the only provider in Finland to deliver Bellacrete effect precast-concrete elements. Genuine stone-surface precast elements are a quality domestic alternative to exposed-aggregate concrete or traditional sanded-surface concrete.

Versatile effect surfaces with one machine

The new machine also allows the production of items that are arched and up to 4.5 meters high. In addition to the traditional exposed-aggregate concrete surface, it can be used to produce polished, rough-textured or brushed surfaces quickly and cost-effectively.

More façade options at a lower cost

The sanded-stone surface offers a wider range of surface options than exposed-aggregate concrete. And because one machine makes many surfaces, we can offer effect elements at a cost-effective and competitive price.

Bellacrete Offers Architects and Designers Even More Free Hands in Facade Design

Download the Bellacrete brochure and learn more.

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